rebel's, insurgent's; rioter's
воен. mutineer's; malcontent's
бунтовническо скривалище a rebel's hiding place/shelter/hideout
* * *
прил., -а, -о, -и rebel’s, insurgent’s; rioter’s; воен. mutineer’s; malcontent’s; \бунтовническио скривалище rebel’s hiding place/shelter/hideout.
* * *
insurgent; insurrectional; mutinous{`myutinxs}; rebel: the бунтовнически forces - бунтовническите сили; rebellious
* * *
1. rebel's, insurgent's;rioter's 2. бунтовническо скривалище a rebel's hiding place/shelter/ hideout 3. воен. mutineer's;malcontent's

Български-английски речник. 2013.

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